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With the advancement of technology, information flow has even more become refined, undisruptive, ensuring seamless functioning of all your networked devices through Data/Network Internet Cabling. In business establishments where information flow and data is a driving force for daily business operations, a robust and highly efficient communication system is required to demonstrate unchallenged performance for dissemination of information. For this very reason, many small, medium sized businesses and large corporations/offices are relying on a more structured central networking system that will be the USB of the business.


Unlike just few years ago, we have witnessed an increased dependency on internet across the board. A typical cross-section of data usage across all business domains shows consumption of data for internal computing, VOIP phones, changing work styles i.e., telecommuting to work and several other applications. Therefore, strategic planning of data routes to serve specific needs is the crux of a smoothly running business.

How can we help? Ighty Support is your A-Z tech support and infrastructure setup company. We can help you understand your business data needs, loads at data points, internet speed constraints and offer Data Cabling services in Dallas for effortless data flow. Structured Voice (VOIP phones) and Data Systems is the key to having smooth work flow in your business. Your communications system and internet connectivity for your work station highly depends upon the Central Network Cabling System in your office, assisting you with VOIP phones. The nucleus would be a metaphor to understand the importance of Data Cabling with seamless communication. We understand the importance of a good data cabling job and reliability on its conduct, where day in and day out operations with no glitches is a primary concern.

In the current scenario, the dependency on data lines is at its prime because for VOIP phones you require a seamless internet connection. Integration of the communications system with IT increases the dependency on a property installed network and internet cabling infrastructure. We at ‘Ighty Support’ comply with IEEE/TIA standards and use common sense to make better and smarter decision on our jobs. Things such as cable choice is totally based on the environment used, data transfer speed, frequency and distance between patch panels and the work area devices. If you need a seamless VOIP Phone System in Dallas, there are many forms of contact so you can always connect to us.

We are knowledgeable, licensed and experienced to take up projects of any size and perform the following job responsibilities:

Our experience and expertise in Data Cabling in Dallas makes us one of the most trusted companies in the field of Central Network Cabling System. We provide:

  • Complete Data/Network and Internet Cabling Installations for your work place.
  • Sets up VOIP Phone Systems for you.
  • Provide Data & Phone Line Connections to Work Stations for a better VOIP phones connection.
  • Consultation services to evaluate existing network and identify heavy load points.
  • Make recommendations for proper distribution of data cabling from the data source.
  • Install Wireless Extender to amplify and extend the wireless signal to parts of the office where there are dead spots. Even better provide data cabling to such location that makes all spots live and connected.
  • Upgrade your infrastructure to incorporate future scalability of your business.


Call Ighty Support today. We know what your workstations and devices need and we can do exactly that and much more. Our data cabling services compliment and reinforce our Tech IT Services like Work stations set up, network set up, server support etc. Call us today at 972-200-3219 for more information. Find us on Google by searching Data Cabling in Dallas.

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