Windows 10 Revealed to be the Most Prevalent Version of Windows for Enterprise Machines


In a recent investor call meeting, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated "more than half of the commercial device installed base is on Windows 10." A spokesperson later clarified "based on Microsoft's data, we can see that there are now more devices in the enterprise running Windows 10 than any other previous version of Windows."

The trend is interesting to note considering the recent issues Microsoft has had with Windows 10. Recently the October 2018 cumulative update was re-released after it was pulled due to causing sporadic issues on user’s PCs, with users reporting things as severe as data being deleted.

Many businesses are stilling relying on Windows 7 due to its stability and maturity. However, the operating system is starting to show its age and its lifecycle looks to be similar to the same as XP’s.  According to Microsoft, Windows 7 support is expected to end in Q1 2019. After support is discontinued, users will be forced to pay for continued updates or risk opening their systems up to security vulnerabilities.

In time, business owners will need to decide on how to proceed. Considering the issues Windows 10 has had in the past with updates and breaking compatibility for programs, deciding on a proper course of action can be tricky. We at Ighty Support have extensive experience working with all versions of Windows Operating systems, including Windows 7 and 10. We can work with you in designing & implementing a solution that will prove reliable and will help in future-proofing your systems. 

Jared Brasher