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Data And Voice Cabling Services

Ighty Support is a Dallas based IT firm that works towards making IT relevant to your business operational needs.In business establishments where information flow and uninterrupted data drives business operations, Structured Voice and Data Cabling must be robust, secure, stable and reliable.

 The communications infrastructure is required to stand the challenges of growing capacity and undeterred performance. For this very reason, many corporations today are relying on a network cabling/structured cabling in Dallas that will form the backbone of their business telecommunications infrastructure.

 As a network cable installer, the robustness of our networks always gears towards performance while meeting the demands of a growing business.  We have successfully set up several projects of the voice, security and data cabling in Dallas, Houston, Sherman, Austin, Greenville, Princeton, Gilbert, Trophy Club and many more Cities.


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Why Ighty Support?

At Ighty Support our process oriented approach is a catalyst for our success in our projects. We take great care at each step of our project planning and this reflects in higher customer satisfaction.

What is it that we do? 

  1. We perform a free site survey to understand the project scope.

  2. We offer consultation to establish a detailed understanding of the business operations and data usage. We can make recommendations for Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat7 cabling needs based on the business demands.

  3. We assess the scale of implementation by identifying points of integration, growth plans and existing user behavior.

  4. Designing a network that supports seamless integrations, existing usage and future demands.

  5. Effective and Effective project planning and installation.

  6. We adhere to project schedules and complete our projects in time.

  7. We can certify the networks based on project needs.

  8. We offer timely support after implementation.

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Excellent Service
We had Ighty Support do a myriad of projects for our new store — network data cabling, high-end audio cabling, HDMI video cabling, security cameras, and our concert hall sound system. Their work and service levels were excellent. They finished every project on time and always in a professional manner. Because they cover a wide range of services, we only had to work with one company rather than a mix of suppliers. Ighty Support is a great company. We recommend them highly to anyone who needs these types of services.

— Brian C, Kawai Piano Gallery On 2017-12-28

Cat 6 Cabling


A “future-proof” cabling standard that offers higher bandwidth and performance over Cat5e, Cat 6 is excellent for businesses that heavily rely on technology for their day to day operations. As a higher standard, Cat 6 offers the scalability necessary to support your IT ecosystem today and into the future.

Cat 6 is packed slightly tighter than its predecessor, thereby preventing signal transmission losses, cross-talk interference, and other network errors. Cat 6 is designed to perform at frequencies up to 250 MHz and at bandwidths of up to 10Gbps.


Ighty Support is the leading structured cabling and data cable installation company in Dallas. Our professionals recommend Cat6 data cabling solutions for:

  1. Businesses with a larger number of concurrent onsite and remote users.

  2. Offices with several network connected devices.

  3. Situations there is a need for continuous data uploads/downloads.

  4. Offices where multimedia files are regularly shared.

  5. Environments in which server and workstations backups need to run on a recurring basis.

  6. Fail safe servers running proprietary in-house applications.

  7. High speed internet up to 10Gbps.


Cat 6a Cabling

Cat6a data cabling is the latest UTP standard recognized by the Telecommunications Industry Association. Cat 6a is an augmented form of Cat6 and is rated to perform at longer distances and at double the frequency. Cat6a is useful in larger scale applications where fast data transmissions over longer distances with minimal cross-talk interference is a must.

Ighty Support has rapidly grown into one of the major network cabling companies and structured cabling companies in Dallas. Contact us to find out if your IT network is a candidate for Cat6a cabling and to find out more information on what advantages it presents to you and your business.

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Cat 7 Cabling

Cat 7 is a next generation of the CAT cables. Like its predecessor Cat 7 can also transmitfrom 10 Gbps but can go up to 40 GB at 50 meters and even 100 Gb at 15 meters. The newer “Class F” cabling can support frequencies of up to 600 Mhz. However, this cabling type is not yet prominently used in telecommunications application.

Cat 7 is also widely used for the following reasons

  1. Reduces attenuation of signal strength.

  2. Has additional shielding to reduce signal interference.

  3. Suitable for large scale applications like data centers and in enterprise level data networks.