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Ighty Support is a Dallas based IT firm that works towards making IT relevant to your business operational needs. As a service provider with a broad set of IT skills, we work as your on-demand IT department or in conjunction with your business IT staff.

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IT Services your business can trust

As your Managed IT Service Provider, we work closely to identify your most critical business functions that heavily rely on IT. Once we analyze your entire IT ecosystem, we customize our service plan to best fit your needs and also the monthly budgets. When we step in to maintain and manage your IT infrastructure, we leverage our skills in the areas of Cyber security, Data Network Installation and Office physical security applications (security camera installs and access control systems) to establish a robust IT network that can support discrete systems.

 Our value-based service model allows us to provide utmost quality while keeping IT spending down. We implement pro-active measures to secure your systems and ensure smooth business operations. Our technicians are trained to provide support for a variety of telecommunications systems, hardware configurations, peripherals, operating systems, software and more!



New Office IT, Phones, Cameras, AV Setup

KK and his team went well above and beyond what we engaged them to do. We were scheduled to move offices and hired their firm to do all the IT set-up. On the day of the move and after we vacated our existing office, our internet service provider stated they could not have internet set up until another 4 weeks. KK brainstormed ideas and did not stop working through different ideas until they decided to take on the work that the ISP should have done and got us up an running within 24 hours. We are forever grateful to them for ensuring there was no disruption in our services to our clients. They are truly a strategic partner of all our IT needs!

— - Kash T, Business Advisors MD

What can we do for you?

As a Managed IT Service Provider we take care of all the major tasks associated with the IT department. We function as a plug in-IT department for your growing business, saving your organization both time and money.

 Our experienced staff can manage your Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Office Printers & Scanners, VOIP system, Audio & Video devices along with Security Cameras and Access Control Systems. Our comprehensive service plan includes end to end support for one or more business locations.


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The salient features of our service plan are:

  1. End to End support of all key components that rely on IT and form your IT infrastructure.

  2. Support Covers Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Office Printers & Scanners, VOIP system, Audio & Video devices, Data Backups, Security Cameras and Access Control Systems.

  3. Fixed Monthly Service Fee.

  4. Unlimited Onsite and Remote support.

  5. 24 x 7 availability.

  6. Free Initial Consultation

Managed IT Services with Flexible & Business Relevant Service Plans 

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Here is why you need Managed IT Services

Outlined below are a few factors that will help you in deciding whether your company why a Manage IT Service Provider is a strategic decision for your business:

 Strategic and Smart Decision

 If you are a start-up, budgeting your operating expenses while ensuring that all your employees are productive is critical for keeping the company afloat. In a technology driven world IT is the life force of a company.  A good Managed IT Service Provider can take the frustration out by managing and maintaining a robust IT network so you can focus on your core business activities. This in turn, promotes a happier and healthier work environment.

 Experiencing Regular Technical Problems

 Lack of proper IT resources and personnel can result in regular technical problems. This increases downtime and also affects a company’s ability to expand. A dedicated Managed IT Service Provider can immediately deal with such problems and offer additional technical support, whenever necessary.


What is your Opportunity Cost?

 Most companies have a preconceived notion that an in-house IT department is the only cost-effective solution. However, the benefit of having Ighty Support as your Managed It Service Provider is multifold.

  1. Diversified IT services from a single provider.

  2. Costs of hiring individual companies for each service type is an expense and a time-consuming ordeal.

  3. Cost of hiring employees with diverse skill set is high and it is hard to find employees with such skills in a timely manner.

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