Structured Cabling to Keep your Business Connected

Structured Cabling Solutions for the DFW Metroplex

Ighty Support is the leading Structured Cabling in the DFW area. We are qualified, with over a decade of experience. Our licensed professionals will guide you through every step of the process. From a free consultation to build a connection to a custom blueprint and finally installation. Ighty Support will ensure a neat and functional solution that keeps your business connected.

Our Pricing Model
Ighty Support provides transparent pricing for a cost-effective solution and absolutely no hidden cost.
Our costs vary based on the following factors:
Depending on the type and quantity of cables used, pricing varies. Ighty Support charges per cable drop.
If the cable installation is on the raised floor environment then the installation cost should be less expensive but if the installation requires a ladder or scissor lift, the overall cost increases.
The number of closets causes major fluctuation in the cost as this is due to the requirement of additional backbone and IDF room equipment. This is something you cannot change as closet requirements depends on the distance limitations of a cabling system.

Areas We Serve

Ighty Support is committed to providing the DFW metroplex and areas within 100 mile radius of our offices
the best service possible. Click on the pins below to learn more about Ighty Support within that particular location.

Data & Voice Cabling

Ighty offers cabling solutions to support your data and voice needs. A variety of cable ratings to select from will ensure you a solution that takes your budget and needs into consideration.

Cable Categories:


  • Most Affordable Cabling Solution
  • CAT6

  • Ideal for Businesses with Several Connected Devices
  • CAT7

  • Recommended for Owned Properties
  • Fiber-Optic

  • Modern solution with high speeds & bandwidth

Audio Cabling

Ighty Support specializes in a variety of speakers and will work to pair you with a style and brand that best fits your business and use case.

We’re experienced and qualified to install audio distribution systems. This includes wall-mounted speakers, in-ceiling speakers, and suspended speakers for ambient music and announcements.

Cable Types:

  • XLR Cabling
  • Speaker Cabling
  • Optical Cabling

Video Cabling

Ighty Support can ensure that TVs are set up in your facilities neatly and efficiently. Having a visual element can help improve customer experience, communication or complement a robust security system. Regardless, video cabling can benefit any industry and Ighty Support can support it.

Cable Types:


  • A single cable for high definition video and audio
  • Coax

  • easy to install and very durable

Turnkey Solutions


We offer a holistic solution from Product recommendation to Installation and Support


Taking your company needs and budget into consideration, we’ll install a system that is tailored to you. Scalable for your future needs as well.


We are here to help you maintain and manage your systems at any time

Our Satisfied Clients