Best Access Control Services in Alliance, TX
Ighty Support provides a variety of access control solutions to ensure that your facilities remain safe and secure. With over a decade of experience serving businesses in and around Alliance, we’re the experts. Our certified technicians are experienced in working with a variety of commercial door access control systems and technologies such as keyless entry (key fobs, biometrics, cards, etc.), magnetic locks, electric strikes, lockdown systems, and more. Our installations also come with customized user access, scheduling, and a variety of credentials and authentication methods. Have peace of mind by keeping track of who goes in and out of your facility.

Access Control

Access control is key for maintaining the security of your office premises. You may have some areas of your office that need controlled access for safety or confidentiality purposes. We can help with installing and configuring commercial keyless entry systems for your Alliance business.

Electromagnetic locks are one of the ways to secure your property. It’s a favorable choice for double door entries, herculean glass doors. The complete system installation includes the installation of:

  • Locks
  • Motion sensors
  • REX button or Push bars
  • Installation of Keypads
  • Programing the complete system for complete control.

Maglocks & Electric Strike

MagLocks or Magnetic locks rely on a magnetic charge to keep a door locked. They typically have an electromagnet attached to the doorframe, and a metal armature plate attached to the door. Maglocks are fail-safe and require power to lock the door.

Electric Strike locks are installed inside the door frame and require a trigger to open the door. These locks are fail-secure and require power to unlock the door.

Usually slightly more economical that its counterpart, electric strikes can be installed in framed single door entry ways, double doors where a mullion has been installed and framed or frameless glass doors.

Access Control Readers

Open your doors with a swipe, scan, or tap. Ighty Support can install a variety of readers for your facilities. Ighty Support can install a variety of readers whether you’re facilities require a simple keypad feature or something more secure like a biometric reader with facial detection.

  • Biometric (ex:retinal, facial, fingerprint, etc)
  • RFID (ex. card, tag)
  • Keypad


Do you run a daycare or any other child-care services? We have experience installing, configuring, and troubleshooting your child care system. Procare offers services that allow you to keep track of:

  • Student Attendance
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Meals
  • Activities
  • Tuition Payment

Procare ensures that parents’ are screened prior for safe and easy access to school facilities. We have successfully installed and configured Procare at various schools and daycare facilities.


Tracking employee attendance has never been easier. We can set up, install, and configure new tracking software so you can accurately monitor your employee’s time with something as a simple fingerprint scan.

Areas We Serve

Ighty Support is committed to providing the DFW metroplex and areas within 100 mile radius of our offices
the best service possible. Click on the pins below to learn more about Ighty Support within that particular location.

Turnkey Solutions


We offer a holistic solution from Product recommendation to Installation and Support


Taking your company needs and budget into consideration, we’ll install a system that is tailored to you. Scalable for your future needs as well.


We are here to help you maintain and manage your systems at any time

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