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Mexican Food Product Brand

When one of the nation’s leading Mexican food product brands decided to relocate its corporate headquarters from California to the DFW area, they entrusted Ighty Support with the comprehensive task of planning and executing a ground-up network implementation. This encompassed a state-of-the-art conferencing system, both wireless and wired data infrastructure, secure access control, and more, providing the client with the assurance that their network and all its components were professionally installed and maintained.

Typically, a project of this scale would involve multiple vendors. Few companies possess the depth of experience required not only to run over 100 data cables through the walls of a three-story building during a construction overhaul but also to construct network racks, terminate cabling, and bring the entire network to life. .

In addition to ensuring wireless and wired data coverage throughout the entire office space, the client’s needs extended to 13+ data-enabled televisions, the installation of fiber lines spanning multiple floors, and the incorporation of 4K projectors—reflecting their commitment to securing the latest and most advanced technology.

This endeavor presented its fair share of challenges, particularly regarding the integration of the Logitech Rally Video Conference System, a crucial component for keeping the client connected with its extensive network of employees and warehouses across the United States. Ighty Support took on the responsibility of ensuring uninterrupted operations and seamless communication during this transition.

With a plethora of cutting-edge technology concealed within the walls, the client demanded a robust security solution. Once again, Ighty Support rose to the occasion by implementing a secure access control system, allowing only authorized personnel to gain entry by authenticating their identities. The Ighty team oversaw the cabling and hardware installation, even handling the intricacies of city permitting to ensure full compliance. To enhance security further, Ighty cabled and installed a top-tier security camera system to maintain vigilant surveillance.

The moral of this story is clear: when Ighty Support promises an all-in-one solution for networking and IT support needs, they deliver. Not only do they procure, build, install, enable, and cable an entire network from the ground up, but they also provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring a comprehensive and dependable solution.


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