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Ighty Support is the leading Structured Cabling and Network Cabling Company in Dallas. Its services are someway unparalleled to its competitors. Structured Cabling is a very essential building part of the Network System. Without comprehensive and adaptable Structured Cabling, it is impossible to build a well-equipped, ethical Network System

We are experienced professionals in installing data cables, in designing data, voice structured cabling, audio structured cabling, optical cabling, structured video cabling. We also assist in installations while lowering infrastructure costs with smooth functioning of devices. Our list of satisfying varied commercial projects of security, data, and network cabling in varied industries are testimonial to our experience.

  • Plan, design, implement and install the Structured Cabling System in your property.
  • Expanding and modifying existing Structured Cabling Systems.
  • Shifting Structured Cabling from one station to the other, also restructuring whenever required.
  • Administrating and Maintaining whole systems of Structured Cabling.
Our Pricing Model
Ighty Support provides transparent pricing for a cost-effective solution and absolutely no hidden cost.
Our costs vary based on the following factors:
Depending on the type and quantity of cables used, pricing varies. Ighty Support charges per cable drop.
If the cable installation is on the raised floor environment then the installation cost should be less expensive but if the installation requires a ladder or scissor lift, the overall cost increases.
The number of closets causes major fluctuation in the cost as this is due to the requirement of additional backbone and IDF room equipment. This is something you cannot change as closet requirements depends on the distance limitations of a cabling system.

Areas We Serve

Ighty Support is committed to providing the DFW metroplex and areas within 100 mile radius of our offices
the best service possible. Click on the pins below to learn more about Ighty Support within that particular location.


  • Business Data and Voice setup
  • Affordable solution for businesses with short term lease office spaces.
  • Supports both shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables.
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    Category 5 Enhanced (Cat 5e) is the newer and enhanced version of its predecessor Cat 5. Cat 5e is an economical solution for businesses operating in short term lease office spaces as compared to setting any other structured cable network. To optimize the network performance running on Cat5e, the distance between the networking points should be kept up to 300 feet and with bandwidth speed of up to 1 Gbps.

Why CAT5E is better?

  • Maximize network performance running.
  • Best in quick Up-gradation of analogue phone systems to VOIP.
  • Best suited for setting IP camera systems of an appropriate resolution that fits in with your bandwidth speeds and other network devices.
  • Budget-friendly for office premised on short term lease.

Recommended for:

  • Data networks to support fewer users/network devices/Wi-Fi concurrent users.
  • Office owners with spaces on shorter lease terms.
  • Require bandwidth speed of 100MHz or 1 GBPS
  • Require Ethernet over twisted pair up to 1000BASE-T


  • Business Data and Voice setup
  • Cost-effective solution for structured data and voice cabling
  • Have higher bandwidth, 10GBPS network speed for a distance of 100 meter
  • Cat6A cabling supports UTP twisted wires.
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    Cat6a data cabling is the latest UTP standard recognized by the Telecommunications Industry Association. Cat 6a is an augmented form of Cat6 and is considered to perform efficiently at longer distances and with double the frequency.

Why CAT6A is better?

  • Higher bandwidth, 10GBPS network speed for a distance of 100 meters.
  • Budget-friendly solution for large scale operation.

Recommended for:

  • Business in need of structured data and voice cabling services for greater ranges and at double the frequency
  • Larger-scale businesses with the requirement of fast data transmissions over longer distances with minimal crosstalk interference.


  • Business Analog Phone System Setup
  • Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable
  • Cat3 cable internet speed is 10 (Mbps)
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    Have the need for analog phones or fax systems? No problem, we support that! We have the expertise to cable, install and configure analog phone systems such as Grand Stream, Nortel, Avaya, and more! Cat3 is a proven standard and is also great for situations when a dedicated phone or fax line is necessary.

Why CAT3 is better?

  • It is a cheaper option
  • Used in adding the line to the existing phone system
  • Used for Setting up a new phone system
  • Used for installation and configuration of analogue phone systems such as grand Stream, Nortel, Avaya, and more.

Recommended for:

  • Running home or office telephone lines, where the full bandwidth of 10 Mbps is rarely required.


  • Audio distribution system
  • For wall-mounted speakers, in-ceiling speakers and suspended speakers for ambient music and announcements.

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As part of the turnkey solutions we offer installation of audio systems. We specialize in a variety of speakers and will work to pair you with a style and brand that best fits your business and use case.

Why structures Audio Cabling services by Ighty support in Dallas?

Ighty Support specializes in a variety of speakers and will work to pair you with a style and brand that best fits your business and use case.

Recommended for:

  • PA and Intercom systems.
  • AV receivers, amplifiers, mixers, etc.
  • Diverse cabling standards speaker wire, optical, HDMI, RCA, etc.
  • Different varieties of Brands. (Bose, JBL, Klipsch, etc.).


  • High-definition audio distribution system
  • Wall-mounted speaker, ceiling speakers
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    Ighty Support offers varied optical cabling based on your business requirements We work carefully with business owners and managers in order to survey the site and plan on what technologies and solutions will best fit your needs.

Why structures Audio Cabling services by Ighty support in Dallas ?

Ighty Support specializes in a variety of speakers and will work to pair you with a style and brand that best fits your business and use case.

Recommended for:

  • PA and Intercom systems.
  • AV receivers, amplifiers, mixers, etc.
  • Diverse cabling standards speaker wire, optical, HDMI, RCA, etc.


  • Video cabling for wired streaming from a service provider device
  • Data extension from the ISP de-mark to the office location
  • Coax cables are easy to install and very durable

Know More

Coax cable is primarily used where high frequency and superior EMI control or shielding is needed for transmitting radio frequency energy by having a system leaving no space for radiation impedance

Recommended for:

  • Used for video cabling for wired streaming from a service provider device.
  • cable-based modems, TVs, DVRs, and analog cameras, coaxial cable (RG6).
  • Setting up TVs to connect to provider set-top boxes.
  • Moving a cable modem from the office to a different area.
  • Setting up DVRs and analog cameras.
  • Replacing depraved cables.


  • A single cable for high definition video and audio
  • It offers superior sound and video quality with a decreased signal loss between input and output points.
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    HDMI is now commonly used audio and video cable, High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) has simplified cable management. HDMI is used as a replacement to a standalone audio and video cables by combining what used to be separate cables and signals into one. HDMI also offers superior sound & video quality with a decreased signal loss between input and output points.

Recommended for:

  • Media rooms/conference rooms, for projectors and telecommunications devices.
  • Large display TVs in lobbies to play company marketing materials.
  • Security Cameras live streaming.
  • Streaming video connect wireless from your device to the TV.
  • Multimedia setup, signs, message boards, and lobby displays.

Turnkey Solutions


We offer a holistic solution from Product recommendation to Installation and Support


Taking your company needs and budget into consideration, we’ll install a system that is tailored to you. Scalable for your future needs as well.


We are here to help you maintain and manage your systems at any time

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