Starting the Year off Right

Happy New Year and welcome to 2022! We hope everyone had some time to unwind and have fun before taking on all the new and exciting things this year has in store! After some much-needed reboot, it’s time to do the same to your technological infrastructure. Below, we’ve provided a brief checklist of all the components your business needs to evaluate in order to ensure a robust and efficient system. 

Connectivity and Accessibility

It is important to ensure that all your hardware and software are connected so that there are no holes in your system. Measure productivity of this machinery and find out whether key attributes such as machine downtime, defect data, and part serial numbers or batch numbers with timestamps are being captured since this can help measure overall productivity. 


With huge data volumes, the cloud is far and the most practical, affordable way to stare at all that information. Evaluate whether you are prepared to migrate to cloud-based infrastructure. If you’re already using the cloud to store data, remember security is a key concern, especially for sensitive information such as HIPAA data. 


IT security is crucial to keeping your business safe and secure. Ransomware can attach to your business and steal information in exchange for unreasonable amounts of money. By having network security such as a firewall protecting your network, you can rest assured that incoming and outgoing information is filtered.  


Ensure that machines are up-to-date and able to support any new software for the New Year. Outdated hardware and software can leave your IT Infrastructure vulnerable and lead to sluggish overall performance which can cost you later on. 

Data Awareness

When it comes to keeping up to date with your IT infrastructure, lagging behind can cost your company a lot of time and money. Thus, having consistent checkups and updates on your technology can not only prevent your company from falling behind but propel it forward. Ighty Support’s managed IT services provide the same insight your traditional in-house expertise can for a fraction of the cost.

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